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To ping a website on a Windows computer, open Command Prompt, type ipconfig/all, and press Enter. Any of these IP addresses could change, be repurposed, or sold by Google at any time. Google could buy new addresses or shift entirely over to IPv6 at some point; only Google knows for sure what it’s using and what its plans are. has its servers located in the United States. The average page load time is about 1.2 seconds.

google ip address in india

You don’t pay directly to CyberGhost, so you can’t be traced through your bank details. The only information that the company holds google ip address in india on each customer is an account number and the subscription expiry date. A kill switch and DNS leak protection are included.

A VPN can provide access to cricket matches, such as those shown on Hotstar, the Indian video-on-demand streaming service owned and operated by The Walt Disney Company. PrivateVPN customer support options include live support chat and a non-searchable FAQ. The provider quickly responds to questions submitted via their “Contact Us” form.

It offers outstanding privacy features and is currently available at a discounted rate. If you’re looking to watch cricket in India, your best bet is usually Disney+ Hotstar. This network has the rights to the ICC and ACC leagues and a variety of domestic leagues, and you can watch online from ₹299 per month. VPNs are not banned in India; they are, after all, extremely useful privacy tools and many businesses rely on them for safe networking.

Many of our top rated VPNs removed their Indian servers in 2022 upon the news that they’d be obliged to store this server data for up to five years. However, you can still access Indian servers with the likes of Surfshark and ExpressVPN. It should be noted that these are virtual servers. Google

In most cases, the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol automatically configures your system to use the IP addresses of your ISP’s domain name servers. To use Google Public DNS, you need to explicitly change the DNS settings in your operating system or device to use the Google Public DNS IP addresses. The procedure for changing your DNS settings varies according to operating system and version or the device . We give general procedures here that might not apply for your OS or device; consult your vendor documentation for authoritative information.

You’re one click ahead to visualize in Google Maps where is situated any device connected to Internet with an extreme accuracy. Professional email, online storage, shared calendars, video meetings and more. Start your free Google Workspace trial today. If you route Gmail based on IP address, you might need to update your firewall routing settings to include the IP ranges below.

An optional MultiHop server mode that routes your internet connection through two VPN servers rounds out the provider’s complete protection package. Free VPNs can seem attractive, but there are numerous reasons to avoid them entirely. First of all, free VPNs almost always have more users than their paid-for counterparts but lack the network size or infrastructure to support this level of demand. Its server network of 3,200+ servers located in 100+ countries is quite impressive. The provider’s virtual Indian servers are located in Singapore, the Netherlands, and London.


By connecting to a VPN, any Indian expat can instantly appear to be back home. This allows you to continue enjoying services from back home despite living abroad. As a result, you can login to government portals, use internet banking, or watch Indian TV channels and streaming services from anywhere in the world. So what’s the best location to get a static IP address from?

Private Internet Access provides easy access to Indian IP addresses, while doing an excellent job when it comes to online security and privacy. This ensures that all data is securely wiped when a server is rebooted, shut down, or if someone unplugs it and moves it. ExpressVPN recently added new protective features, such as its Threat Manager, which is a new privacy feature that protects against apps, trackers, and malware. Meanwhile, Parallel Connections is a new feature that works behind the scenes to ensure faster and more reliable VPN connections. You can contact the company’s support team around the clock every day of the year through a chat facility on the website. The provider’s speeds are the fastest of all VPN providers in this article.

  • This domain will expire in 137 days on Friday, June 23, 2023.
  • The system uses 256-bit AES encryption to make transmissions unreadable to snoopers.
  • No server logs of Surfshark users’ online activities are ever kept, and the provider accepts various forms of cryptocurrency as payment.
  • An IP address is a unique set of numbers identifying a machine on a network.
  • In other words, you can protect all of your devices with just one account, making it one of the best VPNs for multiple devices.

You also have to be careful about your privacy. Not only do some of these free services contain no privacy protection, but they actually track your internet activities and sell that information to marketers. Free VPN services just aren’t worth the effort of installing.

Mobile or other devices

A lot of them don’t include any encryption and stand no chance of getting you into sites that operate regional restrictions. Live support chat, a trouble ticket form, and a searchable support/troubleshooting library have your support needs covered. Up to 10 devices can be concurrently connected on a single account. After examining all of the VPNs available, I have come up with the top seven VPNs that will get you access to Indian websites. VPNs also encrypt your traffic, keeping your information away from the prying eyes of hackers, network administrators, government agencies, and any other snoopers. In this post, I’ll explain how you can use a Virtual Private Network to access Indian content from anywhere in the world.

This requires configuring all network information manually and is only recommended for advanced users. To change the settings for an Ethernet connection, select Built-In Ethernet, and click Advanced. To change the settings for a wireless connection, right-click the Wi-Fi interface and select Properties. To change the settings for an Ethernet connection, right-click the Ethernet interface and select Properties.

This puts your domain at risk of spoofing, phishing, and other forms of impersonation. The hostnames and IP address ranges below send unverified and unauthenticated messages. We recommend you strictly manage messages received from these IP ranges when they pass through firewalls and other security measures.

google ip address in india

On the other hand, if you really want to stream Indian TV while traveling and have had difficulty finding an Indian server that works reliably, a static Indian IP address could work. Just be sure to check that your provider follows a no-logs policy (and ideally, doesn’t actually have servers physically in India). Static IP addresses can be helpful in some situations. For instance, you’re less likely to have login attempts flagged as potentially fraudulent if you always sign in with the same IP address. Likewise, since there’s much less traffic coming from static IP addresses, they’re more difficult for geo-blocked platforms to identify and blacklist.

PrivateVPN was created by internet privacy activists and goes to great lengths to ensure your anonymity. It has more than 200 servers in 60+ countries, including two servers in India – one in Bangalore and one in Mumbai. App support from the provider includes offerings for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux devices. Chrome, Opera, and Firefox browser extensions protect your browsing sessions, and the provider boasts Linksys, Asus, and Netgear router compatibility. The provider’s Bitcoin payment option means there is no connection between your payment info and your account if you use a disposable email address.

The provider boasts that its network provides access to more than 30 Netflix libraries around the globe. CyberGhost aims to offer apps that are as user-friendly as possible, while maintaining your privacy. It includes a kill switch, forced HTTPS, ad-blocking and anti-malware features, as well as 256-bit encryption. Internet users are protected from DNS, IPv6, and port forwarding leaks. This VPN does not log any personally identifiable information and provides free 24/7 support over live chat. On top of being a great service for cord cutters worldwide, Surfshark is also very secure.

Methodology for Assessing VPNs for an Indian IP Address

You can’t choose just any VPN to gain access to an Indian IP address. There are certain aspects of the VPN service provider that you have to look for. The provider’s support is always available, thanks to its support agent chat option, support request form, email, and searchable support library. Apps are available for Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, Android TV, and Android. Chrome and Firefox browser extensions are available, and there’s plenty of support for routers.

There are currently 4 nameservers in the WHOIS data for the domain. ExpressVPN Speedy servers and top-notch security. Surfshark Best budget option with good speeds and security. This reverts your settings to using your ISP’s default servers.

Miscreants tamper with Open Street Map, traced to India

A website IP address is the location of the data for the site. An IP address is a unique set of numbers identifying a machine on a network. This is not a complete list, and the specific addresses used by Googlebot can change at any time without notice. ranks 74 in terms of traffic compared to all other websites considered. Every day, the site is accessed by an estimated 14 Million visitors, generating a total of 71.2 Million page views.

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